Bottle Service Calculator

Bottle Service Calculator



Avoid awkward moments and minimize the guesswork with the Vegas Club Life Bottle Service Calculator. Simply enter a number in the TABLE MINIMUM field and watch the calculator go to work. Share your results with your friends and be one step closer to finalizing your plans today!

Vegas Club Life Bottle Service Calculator

TABLE MINIMUM: Venues typically require a minimum spend to reserve a table. Factors like a table's location, event date, and your party size may affect this number.

GRATUITY: Most venues automatically include a gratuity. We've included the most common options here.

8.25% SALES TAX: The current sales tax rate for Clark County, Nevada.

TOTAL: An estimate of the total cost of a bottle service reservation based on your table minimum, sales tax, and gratuity.

SERVICE CHARGE: Similar to a booking fee, some (not all) venues issue a service charge as well. We're utilizing 6% as an average estimate.

EMAIL THIS: Want to send yourself or a friend a copy of your results? Simply complete the email fields, include a brief message, click submit, and they're instantly on their way!

CONTACT ME: Check this box if you'd like us to follow up with you. We're confident we can find an exciting fit for everyone.

FINE PRINT: This calculator is provided as a convenient utility for informational purposes only. Actual prices vary from venue to venue and Vegas Club Life makes no promises or guarantees with the results calculated here. Have questions or want an official quote? Enter your email when completing the form and we'll contact you right away!


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